Me & The 99 by Son Of Hwéeldi

Published on May 30, 2017

Crawled to work and felt empty.
Sold my dignity for pennies.
Unpaid bills are my tragedy.
Uncle Sam owns what’s left of me.

Can’t afford to drive anymore.
Life decisions at the food store.
Somebody’s god help us to the shore.
Uncle Sam don’t care anymore.

Me & The 99 are tired.
Me & The 99 are poor.
Me & The 99 are the masses.
Yearning for nothing
Yearning for nothing
Yearning for nothing
but to breathe free.
1 percent is not my number.
Some of us are still in a slumber.
Greed divides brothers and sisters.
Soon there’ll be nothing left to plunder.

The pain of poverty twists my bones.
No insurance, got to stay home.
Rich man’s doctor hear my moans.
Heal my body with money and gold.