Native Media Network has been founded to create an “All Indian All the Time” resource for Broadcasting www.ndn1.com , Social Media and Archives www.NativeMediaNetwork.com, and a comprehensive E-commerce catalog www.IndianCountryBooks.com distributing books, content and merchandise to serve the Native American Community.

8th Generation Initiative:
To identify the leadership for the next generation of leaders, messengers, roadmen, and spokespeople that are utilizing the internet as their media of choice.

Literacy rates in Indian Country are in terrific need of closing the gap on the national average.

This is well documented, not only with children, but with adults as well. There is a strong need to get media, content and books in front of Native people to promote literacy.

With 70% of the Indian population currently living in an urban environment we offer a media to communicate with live programming, for events, Pow Wow’s, Honoring’s , News, Politics and resources the support the tribal identity of urban life. “The Idian-ness of being” as per Ruben Snake.

Support Tribal Libraries with local “Intranet programming for Storytelling, books and content to support tribal literacy, identity and legacy programs.

Native Media Network (NMN) was launched with the mission and promise to provide literacy programs and content through an integrated approach of Social Media, Broadcasting and E-Commerce to reach Indian Country through the Power of the Internet of things via “Mobi media” to include cell phones, Tablets, PC’s and television screens.


NMN is a huge site with many facets; that is slowly emerging to provide a voice for Native America. (All Native All the time).

The best entry into the site is through www.nativemedianetwork.com a social media site to identify and communicate authentic sources and information about Indian Country. Some of the features we will be adding over the coming months are a Book Incubator, Book Discovery Network, Affiliate Marketing, Literacy and immersion programs, and granting programs for authors.

The jewel of the network is www.ndn1.com a broadcast network that can be viewed on any device, cell phone reader pad, PC or Television. The broadcast day starts at 7:00 am with a Sunrise Ceremony to thank the creator and ends with Native Rock into the wee hours. You can view our program guide by clicking the “guide” button next to the logo.
Last but not least, is our e-commerce site www.IndianCountryBooks.com with a selection of over 12,000 titles on Native American Art, Biographies, Children’s Books, Folklore, History, Politics, and Tribal Culture. Utilizing the moderated search feature that we have developed you can instantaneously access any or all books in the database that have reference to any of the 500+ tribes.

We will soon be able to post and download content generated by our audience, we have created a space of over 500 content sites to promote tribal literacy and identity for the next generation of leadership within India Country.

If you would like to participate in our programming, have content that you would like to publish or have programs that you would like to produce please contact us at info@nativemedianetwork.com.